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TNT Gymnastics is putting the fun back into gymnastics, since 2006.

WHY gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a complete sport providing development for not only the body's physical aspects such as strength, coordination, and flexibility, but also for the mental and emotional aspects of growth. Your child will thrive in an environment where their confidence will soar and their determination channeled into lifelong skills they'll take with them as they grow. At TNT, our goal is to foster these skills and development in a safe and encouraging environment. We believe everyone, young and old, can benefit from gymnastics!


2683 Saint Johns Bluff Road S 

Unit #107 

Jacksonville, FL 32246


(904) 998-8681


Mon - Fri    9am - 8pm

Sat - Sun   Hours Vary

TNT is dedicated to safety.

Safety is a top priority at TNT, in and out of the gym. Our goal is to teach children that they are in control and should feel empowered to communicate at every turn. We hope that the life lessons learned through the sport of gymnastics will increase their self-esteem, confidence, respect, self-discipline, and perseverance. This all starts with hiring and training the best staff that Jacksonville has to offer. 

  • All staff must clear background checks to be eligible for hire.
  • All staff must be USAG instructor certified or professional members.
  • All head coaches, owners, and management are CPR & First Aid Certified.
  • All staff must attend continuous education opportunities throughout the year.
  • All staff must uphold the philosophy of TNT Gymnastics & Fitness.
  • TNT has an open concept where parents can hear and see their child and instructor at any time.

Our Philosophy.



Gymnastics provides "mind over matter" growth. Limitations are removed when fear and doubt are conquered. This valuable skill translates to many other areas of life!



Our goal is to foster a child's belief in themselves to accomplish difficult things! This builds a foundation of confidence, trust, and determination they will carry with them for life!



Gymnastics is a complete sport that not only builds strong muscles, but quick, flexible, and agile bodies. Gymnasts are known to be some of the strongest athletes!

Register Now!

At TNT Gymnastics and Fitness, you'll find more than just gymnastics classes. We get the entire family involved with staying fit and healthy, and we make it as fun as possible! We offer classes for toddlers, preschoolers, kids up through high school, and even adults. Whether its recreational or competitive gymnastics, tumbling, or adult fitnastics, you'll find we offer something for any age and skill level.

  • Trial Classes are $10 per class / per child. 
  • If you decide to move forward with enrollment, this $10 will go towards the cost of registration. 
  • A trial will allow our instructors the opportunity to evaluate your child, and recommend a class that would be a good fit for your child. 

In order to schedule a trial, you will need to create a parent portal account online! Request a trial below.

Steps to request a trial:

  1. Create a parent portal account at the link below
  2. Click on the classes tab to view the class options.
  3. Select a class you are wanting to complete a trial in. 
  4. Chang the "active" button to say "trial"
  5. Complete the process and a request will come to our front office to review!

Customer Review

"...Not only is gymnastics important to me and fun for my son, the facility that I entrust with his well-being is critical. TNT Gymnastics and Fitness does a fantastic job! So if you're considering where to get started, I hope you'll come in and ask about their programs."

Shannon Miller

7-Time Olympic Gymnast

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