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TNT Gymnastics and Fitness

TNT Gymnastics and Fitness



There's something at TNT for everyone! We offer a broad variety of classes for all ages from Recreational to Competitive skill-based gymnastics. Scroll down to view our class offerings.

The perfect introduction to gymnastics for your little one age Walking - 5 years old

Recreational gymnastics designed to practice & perfect skills for girls

ages  5  - 17 years

Recreational gymnastics designed to practice & perfect skills for boys

ages 5 - 17 years

Our tumbling program ranges from beginner to advanced focusing on strength, technique, drills, & flexibility.

Gymnastics is the perfect exercise! Join one of our adult programs to learn that cartwheel you've always wanted to or get those skills back. 

Finally learn to fly with our fun and exciting new Aerial class for kids! This class is focused on strength, agility, climbing, and mobility.

Bring TNT to you! We provide gymnastics on-site where children can exercise the body and brain in a positively fun atmosphere!

We are thrilled to offer our facility for the Special Olympics practice here at TNT. No experience necessary!

Our Homeschool program focuses on mobility, physical education, body awareness, and building self-esteem.

Establishing honor, safety, & defense. Our Ninja program is the perfect combo of martial arts & freestyle movement!

Designed for children with sensory needs or on the autism spectrum, this is a fun way to explore new surroundings with soft landings!

We are proud to offer certified instructors with diverse backgrounds and skill levels for private training.

How to sign up for a TRIAL CLASS...

Every child coming from another sport, starting for the 1st time, or looking for a new facility is encouraged to take a trial class. This will allow your child to try the class with no up front commitments or long term costs. At this time the instructor of the class will evaluate your childs skill level, mobility, flexibilty, and listening skills. Once the trial is completed, the instructor will advise you which class level to enroll. 


The trial class is $10. If you decide that TNT is the facility for your family, the $10 fee will go towards your registration cost

You can sign up for a trial class in advance either by calling or going online to our parent portal. Please look at the current class schedule in advance to help us narrow down a day and time that works for your schedule. We offer classes Monday - Saturday and have multiple times that you can choose from. Once you have selected the class day/time you're interested in registering for, simply change the "active" button to "trial" and follow the online enrollment steps. 


Signing up for classes at TNT is simple and quick.

Ready to dive in? Click below to view our class openings and sign up for classes.


Flip into birthday fun! A private party with dedicated birthday staff is the perfect way to spend the day!

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