TNT Gymnastics and Fitness

TNT Gymnastics and Fitness

TNT Gymnastics and Fitness

About TNT.

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Our Story.

Taking a leap of faith in 2006, TNT was birthed. Our gym was created to help children achieve their individual dreams, build their self esteem, and to instill in every child that walks through our door that Fitness Can Be Fun! Our mission is to treat each child individually and help that child reach his or her full potential, not only in gymnastics, but in life. The dedication, confidence, and focus learned in our facility will help them soar into the future and become successful adults. This being said, we are committed to the total development of your child! 

Our Facility.

TNT Gymnastics and Fitness was founded in order to give ALL children an opportunity to explore and excel in one of the most exciting sports in the world. 


TNT Gymnastics is a 14,500 square foot facility located at 2683 St. John's Bluff Rd. S, in Jacksonville, Fl. Our state of the art facility includes a dance/fitness room, separate preschool, recreational, and competitive workout areas and equipment, a large viewing area, and a proshop.


 Thank you for your interest in our program. We invite you to browse our website and sign up for a $10 trial class

(deducted from registration fee when you sign up) by calling 904-998-TNT1.

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