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TNT Gymnastics and Fitness

TNT Gymnastics and Fitness


TNT's tumbling program ranges from beginners learning cartwheels and handstands, to advanced tumblers learning connected tumbling, twisting, and combinations. The classes are available to boys and girls ready to rock!​ Our staff will focus on strength, technique, drills, and flexibility required to safely progress and connect new tumbling skills. 


- Beginner

- Intermediate

- Advanced

All general tumbling classes work off of a progressive curriculum that focuses on proper development of each skill. Once your tumbler has shown proficiency in their current class level, they will progress towards the next level. 

​This class is focused on the one and only back-handspring! We will be breaking it down into every little part and movement so that each tumbler can work towards a solid standing back-handspring.

​This class is for cheerleaders & dancers that are looking to focus on tumbling skills needed to take back to their teams. Most requested skills are back-walkovers, side aerials, front aerials, and back-handsprings.

Equipment Used:

- Spring Floor

- Tumble Trak (Trampoline)

- Foam Pit

Flip-Flop With Us!

Looking to generate a clean, explosive backhandspring?!

Register your child for our new "Flip Flop" class! 

This class will be strictly focused on back handsprings and the proper skill progressions

required to learn this skill safely with power and good form.

Tumbling Clinics.

... nail that flip.

Need some extra work on your tumbling? Trying to get a certain skill in time for tryouts? We hold tumbling clinics for children, teenagers, and adults each month. If you're looking for a little extra help to give you an edge over the competition, sign up for our upcoming Tumbling Clinics!


2nd Friday of Every Month

Ages 5 & Up: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

$20 (Member) & $25 (Non-Member)


Summer Tumbling Boot Camp

Submerge your child in a week full of tumbling, shaping, plyometrics, and basics! Good tumbling foundation is so important so athletes of all backgrounds can safely build and add on! Our tumbling boot camp will allow tumblers to try new skills on safe surfaces and incorporate strength and shaping work to help polish current skills. 


Example Schedule Outline:

2:30-2:50: Warm Up / Stretch / Basics

2:50-3:20: Rotation 1 (Floor/Pit Tumbling)

3:20-3:50: Rotation 2 (Tumble Trak / Air Trak)

3:50-4:00: Strength & Plyometrics or Focus Skill


Registration Details:

Ages 6 & Up: 2:30-4:00 PM Each Session

$75/ 1st Child & $70/ Siblings (Full Week)

*There is no discount if child misses a day of camp as we are holding a spot for all 5 days.

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