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TNT Gymnastics and Fitness


Always wanted to learn a cartwheel or backhandspring? Ex-gymnast looking for a fun way to exercise? Ever wanted to know what it's like to land in a foam pit? This class is designed for adults of all skill levels. We spend time training gymnastics skills, from the very basic to as intense as you can handle. We also spend time doing various fitness exercises to help strengthen and tone your muscles. We guarantee you won't find a more enjoyable way to get a great workout!

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Current Schedule

Wednesday: 7:30 -8:30 PM

Saturday: 12:00-1:00 PM


Enrollment $100

$15 Per Class (Drop In/ Walk-in Rate)

After your 1st visit, you will need to pay the individual annual membership ($50) to continue coming to our Adult Fitnastics Class. 

How to Sign Up

  • Create an account in our "Parent Portal"
  • You can then search for "Adult Fitnastics" and follow the steps to enroll.
  • The system will prompt you to pay the Annual Membership Fee ($50) due at time of signup.
  • When paying for a month-to-month enrollment, there are no-make ups for Fitnastics due to the limited time on the schedule. 
  • You are now free to come to any Wednesday or Saturday class or both at your leisure. 


Register for our newest type of fitness class for kids! Allow our ring leaders to teach how to climb, pull, & drop in this exciting new aerial class! 

Class Schedule:

12-15 Minutes: Stretch and Flexibility

35 Minutes: Silk Skills, Positions, Body Tension, & 

Skill Terminology

12-15 Minutes: Strength, Mobility, Group Challenges

Class Info

Each class is 1 Hour long and is capped at 5 children (per 1 instructor). Spots are on a first come, first serve basis. If a class spot is no longer available, please submit to be on the waitlist and we can look into adding additional days and times. All registrations are to be completed online! 


Current Tuition: 

  • 3 Weeks: $56.25
  • 4 Weeks: $75
  • 5 Weeks: $93.75


*ALL Homeschool Class times will stop on Thursday, May 25th with the start of our summer camp. 

We will resume homeschool class slots the week of August 13th!

 We are thrilled to offer a new Home School PE Class at TNT! This class is focused on mobility, physical education, body awareness, and building self-esteem for all children interested in participating! This class is broken up into age groups, so be sure to check out the details within the parent portal! If you cannot commit to a monthly class, any members can simply pay the $15 Walk-In rate!


$10 Trial Class to try it out! 

If you decided after your trial class that TNT is your place, the $10 for each child will come OFF the cost of the Annual Membership fee. ($50/ 1st & 2nd Child or $120 / Family).This memebership makes you eligible for classes, camps, and special events! A t-shirt, bag, and members only discounts are included. 


Presidential Physical Fitness Test

We will be incorporating the standards for the Presidential Physical Fitness test within our PE Class. We will complete testing on these items 3x a year!


Current Class Times:


*Additional Class times and age groups available upon request! Email any class requests to


Monthly Tuition

Your monthly tuition will be pro-rated based on the quantity of classes you have that month. This will factor in holidays or dates that the gym is closed. You will not be billed for those specific dates and will not need to schedule a make up class.


3 Classes / Month: $41.25 (1 Hour)

4 Classes / Month: $55.00 (1 Hour)

5 Classes / Month: $61.87 (1 Hour)

$15 Walk In - Per Child


Sibling Discounts:

10% OFF (2nd Child)

30% OFF (3rd Child)

50% OFF (4th Child ++)


Bring gymnastics to YOU!

Our Mobile Movements program was established to give students the opportunity to participate in a new sport without leaving their school! Our mission is to engage with each child individually, create a safe, fun, and exciting atmosphere, and help each child reach his or her full potential.


  • Certified & Highly Trained Coaches
  • Gymnastics Equipment
  • Progressive Curriculum
  • Amplified Instruction
  • Achievement Awards 
  • Ribbons
  • T-Shirt
  • Progress Charts


We prefer to allow families the opportunity of a month-to-month enrollment. This means they are charged a monthly fee for the class cost. If they decide to join in the middle or towards the end, our online system will simply pro-rate the monthly cost. Cost can also be determined on a school-to-school basis depending on zone and income.


Registration Fee: $25/child

(A one-time fee if a child simply wishes to only participate in classes at the school's location. TNT Bag & Pencil included)

Membership Fee: 

$50/ 1 Child or $90/ Family

(This fee is for families that wish to do classes at the school, plus be considered as members of the gym which would allow them to attend any classes or camps at our main location - St. John's Bluff/Near Town Center. A TNT shirt, bag & pencil is included with membership.)

Contact Us

Reach out to our office to enroll your facility in our Mobile Movements program


Phone: (904) 998-8681

*We do NOT require uniforms or leotards to be worn during classes. Kids will go barefoot, as they do not need socks or shoes to participate. We will have children remove large jackets or articles of clothing that are dangling or could get caught on clothing. We do encourage "soft" clothing, if possible. Hair must be out of the face if it is long.

Proud Partners:



Adaptive Gymnastics classes are designed to give all children the opportunity to participate in the sport of gymnastics, no matter their current ability level.




Development of…

Social Skills

Inter-Personal Communication

Hand-Eye Coordination




Gross & Fine Motor Skills


Parent Participation:

TNT Gymnastics & Fitness would like to have as many children as possible participate in gymnastics without the assistance of a parent and/or guardian. Parent participation may be necessary in order for some children to participate in Adaptive Gymnastics.In these cases, Gym Management will work with individual families on a case by case basis



We encourage anyone wanting to participate in Adaptive Gymnastics classes to visit our gym with the child prior to taking a Trial Class so that the child can become familiar with the facility and possibly meet our staff

Trial classes are highly suggested so that both the child & parent/guardian can experience a class and meet our staff. 

Trial Classes are $10 each. If you register your child for classes, the $10 will be applied to your Annual Membership.


Down syndrome:

Any student who is 3 years or older with Down syndrome MUST have a neck x-ray and provided a doctor’s note stating the child does not have Atlantoaxial Instability (AAI)* prior to participating in Preschool Open Gym, Trial Classes, Preschool Classes, Recreational Classes, or any activity at TNT Gymnastics & Fitness that will involve gymnastics related activities


*Atlantoaxial Instability (AAI): Characterized by excessive movement at the junction between the atlas (C1) and axis (C2) as a result of either a bony or ligamentous abnormality.

Private Lessons

TNT is proud to offer certified instructors with diverse backgrounds and skill levels. 


Any person who is looking to do private lessons must complete an account within the parent portal and pay for an annual membership for liability purposes. Private Lessons cannot be completed without it. This membership will be active for 1 year from the date it's paid.


Currently Enrolled Students:

$60 / 1 Hour

$45 / 45 Minutes

$30 / 30 Minutes

Non-Enrolled Students / Team:

$70 / 1 Hour

$52.50 / 45 Minutes

$35 / 30 Minutes


Private Lesson Payments must be made directly to the coach in the form of cash or check. TNT does not handle payments or provide change for private lessons.

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